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"Neuroses, like all psychopathic phenomena, are individual ways of being, in response to biological and social alienation. Certainly one can also figuratively speak of “collective neuroses” as a general regressive and irrational response of a group to objective alienation: fear, hatred, increased herd instinct or selfish individualism, panic, numbness – all this could pass for collective neurosis.”

(Igor A. Caruso)

Sad influencers is a contemporary art project consisting of  1/1 unique  digital illustrations which deconstruct figurative characters into near-abstract images evoking a strange beauty: the melancholic and declining joy of  sharing bits of your life with strangers.

The Sad Influencers collection can be understood as a filter that unveils a hidden side behind the appearance of success, happiness and joy that some people want to show to others via social media.


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Oil Spill


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Beached  Whale


The project aims to discuss and raise awareness around mental health and our use of social media, through talks and IRL gatherings.

The Sad Influencers collection is hosted on the Ethereum blockchain with a floor price of 0.025 ETH. 

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About  OCOTE

Visual artist and social psychologist. Started doing street art, and now on my Mexico City studio I work on graphics, collage, painting and digital illustration. My interest in collective psychology has oriented much of my  production to public space intervention through different strategies: from street muralism and posters pasting to interactive social installations. In addition to my work on the street, I have exhibited individually and collectively on numerous occasions both on galleries, museums and street art festivals in Mexico and the United States .

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